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4th of July - BBQ, Hot dogs, and blown diets??

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Hot dogs, BBQ, fireworks, red, white, and blue all scream the 4th of July. What doesn’t scream the 4th of July? Probably your diet. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s summertime and you might have goals of trying to lose some fat to look your best on the beach. Totally understandable as I am doing the same but how do we keep making progress while still enjoying the 4th?

1. Understand that your nutrition isn’t a light switch.

It doesn’t have to be completely on or off. You don’t have to go into the 4th thinking “F it, I am going to eat as much as I possibly can!” (if you want to then by all means, do you boo.) It also doesn’t have to mean that you go in thinking “I can’t have anything because I am on my diet so I will sit in the background just sipping on this delicious water watching you all enjoy the day.” (Again, if you want to, go right ahead.) These are extremes but this is what most people think it must be like.

When in reality, there is a grey middle ground that can be achieved while still making progress.

Listen, you can have a piece of cake and still balance it with a salad after. There is nothing stopping you from doing this. It’s when we get into the mentality of “I can’t have this on my diet” or “I already messed up so I might as well continue eating whatever I want..” that we get ourselves into trouble. We self-sabotage ourselves with this thinking.

Instead, think of balance. Had a beer? Cool, try having a glass of water after it. Had some cake? Great, maybe have a hamburger without the bun later.

I just want you to be aware that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing mentality going into any situation. You can always find some balance and still make progress towards your goals. What you decide to do is up to you.

2. How you eat is more important than what you eat.

Rather than thinking about all the foods you can or cannot eat, go into the 4th and try this one thing:

Eat slowly.

Yes. My biggest piece of advice that can change your entire body and nutrition is to eat slower. Sounds silly and easy but in reality, it isn’t. We live in such a fast-paced world where a lot of people don’t take time to really sit down and enjoy their food.

Eating slower can:

Aid with digestion

Make you feel more satisfied

Help you eat smaller portions without even thinking about it or trying

So, when you are eating, try making conversation while consciously eating slower. Put your fork down in-between bites. Drink some water between bites. Chew more. All of these can aid in allowing you to eat slower and enjoying your food more.

3. Don’t let one holiday turn into a 4-day eating fest.

I’ll say it again for the 1,000th time, consistency is what gets you results. One day cannot and will not ruin your progress. Just like one day of eating salads will not magically make you leaner.

However, it is what that one day turns into that can cause the real damage.

The 4th is on a Thursday which is dangerous. This gives you more potential to turn your Thursday eating habits into Friday. Then Friday into Saturday. Then you might as well finish off Sunday strong with whatever you want because the diet restarts Monday. This is an all too common trend that I see and is the killer of your goals.

Want to continue to make progress towards your goals? No matter what happens on the 4th, whether you stuck to your plan or not, continue Friday like it is a normal day. Eat your normal things.

Don’t let the holiday eating habits drip into your weekend. Rather than one day of getting off track, you might have 4 days of not sticking to your plan. That can cause your progress for the week (or weeks) to be diminished.

If you leave with anything from this, let it be that you don’t have to be perfect on your nutrition. Perfection is the enemy of consistency. If we don’t feel we are “perfect” on our plan, we give up. Remember that it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing type of way. There is balance and it can be achieved.

If you have any questions or want any particular advice, please feel free to email me at shawn@shawndubenutrition.com

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